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Dazzle Patchwork Fabric Hair Accessories
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Bright Dazzle Cotton Scrunchie, Hairband and Bandana in Organza Gift Bag

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A beautiful Bright Dazzle Scrunchie, Hairband and Bandanna plus organza gift bag, handmade in our bright patchwork fabric with a bright and colourful design in orange, blue, turquoise, red and green.

The bright dazzle hairband and bandanna are handmade in pure cotton, lined in white cotton and top stitched in order to retain its shape. Elastic has been inserted at the back covered in the same fabric in order to ensure a snug and comfortable fit.

The bright patterned scrunchie is beautifully handmade in pure cotton and top stitched in order to retain its shape.

- Handmade cotton hair accessories
- Soft and comfortable, no hard edges
- Machine Washable.
- Elasticated for perfect fit
- One size

- Scrunchie plus organza gift bag
- Hairband plus organza gift bag
- Bandanna plus organza gift bag

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