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Gutermann - HT2 Creative Textile Glue - 20g/19ml

Gutermann - HT2 Creative Textile Glue - 20g/19ml

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This glue is the ideal adhesive for creative design. It will stick to all sorts of textiles such as cotton, denim, linen, felt, wool, ribbon and many more.

Spread sparingly onto fabric and allow to dry for 5 minutes. Join the pieces by pressing them. Allow 30 minutes to dry. For a long-lasting hold iron over the glued seam!

HT2 TEXTIL is ideal for fabric seams and repairs to clothing.Dries colourlessly to form a flexible adhesive filmIroning maintains the high wash resistance of the adhesive.

The non-drip plastic tube makes it simple to apply an even coating.

Freshly applied adhesive can be removed with water before it has dried.

Washable and dry cleanable.

Solvent free.

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