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Spaceship Fabric by Timeless Treasures

Kid's Spaceships Fabric, Kids Rocket Ships Fabric by Timeless Treasures, Children's Cotton Aliens Fabric

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This kids' Spaceships fabric by Timeless Treasures is a pure cotton children's fabric. It has a repeating pattern of friendly, green aliens in various types of spaceships and rockets flying around the intergalactic universe! There are so many different types of spaceships: a single seater red, black and yellow spaceship to a large blue and turquoise rocket carrying 3 green aliens, all in a lovely blue sky.

There seems to be a lot of noise up in the universe with lots of Beep Beeps and Honks Honks going on. We can even hear some of their conversations, luckily they all speak English!

The spaceships range in size from 4cm to 10cm excluding the flames coming out the exhausts.

100% cotton
Width 112 cm

Our minimum order is 1/2 metre and longer lengths ordered are supplied as one continuous uncut length.

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