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Seam Ripper, Hand Sewing Blue Seam Ripper from Hemline - Fabric and Ribbon

Blue Seam Ripper - Premium Quality - Hemline

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A large premium quality seam ripper from Hemline with safety ball. This blue seam ripper has a sharper, smoother and longer life cutting blade and a clear plastic storage cover. This premium quality seam ripper is finely sharpened steel blade precision made in Japan

Seam rippers can be used for many sewing and general purpose uses, including quick un-picking of stitching and for cutting open button holes neatly. High quality super sharp blade with a safety ball and a clear lid.

A premium quality seam ripper from Hemline and the must have tool for both the professional and beginner.

- Colour: Blue
- With safety ball
- Length: 12 cm
- Hemline 261

Not suitable for children under 3 years.

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